There are growing numbers of heads turning from the age old server/client methodology of the email system to find the best solution in cloud computing through putting to best use, Google Apps, in order to save considerable money and time. Here are the top 10 Google apps benefits which will justify the unanimous choice of millions opting for the apps, which are available through Google apps reseller pricing.


    1. Small businesses are able to create e mail set-up which is thoroughly professional, e,g. @gmail or @hotmail, and also to select from an array of products being offered by Google, like doc sharing, calendaring and among others, file storage. These, being integrated into a single, centrally located location, and accessible through any device that is connected to the internet, provides immense benefits. Moreover, storage space is much more than the conventional servers, which is 10GB free.


    1. Unified collaboration and communication in real time, like the presence of unified messaging and click to dial, provide companies a competitive advantage and to stay productive and to be connected to Google users wherever they are located.


    1. The search functions of Google Apps provide the advantage of searching for old e mails unless they are deleted. You can find e mails from even years ago with just a click.


    1. You can have your e mails filtered by Google apps, which means, you do not have to delete spam e mails manually. All spam e mails will automatically be deleted.


    1. Employees are able to adapt to a stream of innovations which they are able to manage easier than the batches of changes that are disruptive and large. Challenges in change management are thus met.


    1. Easy access to e mails on your mobile and on devices that are connected to the internet wherever you are, provides a great advantage for managing your e mails. Employees are able to get seamless access to work information from anywhere, which gives the advantage of increased productivity.


    1. Multiple employees can contribute to the productivity from anywhere because the data is stored in the cloud rather than on computers. Google apps make this possible for data to be shared be coworkers on their internet connected devices. Another advantage of cloud storage of data is that considerable time is saved.


    1. Sensitive data are more secure through applications which are browser based, providing the advantage of vulnerable devices storing less data. Thus, accessible data can be less compromised than when previously stored on computers.


    1. Higher uptime and reliability are what users get when using the Google apps. If in any case there is no access to a data center, the app will instantly allow a secondary data center to be accessed without any interruption in services that could be visible by users.


  1. Incomparable control and flexibility are the Google apps benefits that users have. Users are able to retain the ownership of the data stored in the cloud. This enables users to retain the data they have in store in case they stop using the service.

The advantages Google Apps provide for work are indispensable, which are making more and more companies turn to Google Apps. You always have access to Google Apps through Google apps reseller pricing.